Youth Action Center

The Youth Action Center (YAC) values youth as the experts in their own experience and centers them in its vision and work. The YAC works with partners on facilitation, curriculum design, partner decisions, coaching and material/resource design, evaluation, strategic planning, and much more. The YAC is led by the InterCORE (Intergenerational Collaborative Organizing for Radical Equity) team that embodies the values of intergenerational and equitable partnership. InterCORE is a part of all aspects of the YAC.

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The YAC provides true intergenerational partnerships through advisory board and council formation, collaborative project consulting, and training. We support organizations of all types in equitably partnering with youth to make impactful decisions that center those who are directly impacted by their work.

What the YAC Offers:
  • A space where innovation leads
  • Connection to community work in authentic way
  • Training series
  • Collaborative project consulting
  • Youth advisory board formation
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Our Work

Logo for Annie E. Casey Foundation
Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Annie E. Casey Foundation is a charitable foundation focused on improving the well-being of American children and youth.
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Logo for Shelby County government
Shelby County Government
Shelby County is the largest county in Tennessee.
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Memphis Library Foundation logo
Memphis Library Foundation
The Memphis Library Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was established in 1994, chartered as the Foundation for the Library. Its mission is to enhance the 18 Memphis Public Libraries by securing funding through grants and private support. Join with our libraries and make a contribution today to continue their life-changing work.
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Strive Together logo
Strive Together
StriveTogether is a national movement working to ensure every child has every opportunity to succeed in school and in life.
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Education Trust logo
Education Trust Alliance (Tennessee)
The Education Trust in Tennessee advocates for equitable education for historically-underserved students across the state. We believe in centering the voices of Tennessee students and families as we work alongside them for the future they deserve.
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Youth Council & Boards

BRIDGES connects youth with a range of leadership opportunities across the Greater Memphis area. While some require participation in Bridge Builders Collaborate as a prerequisite, others are open to all local youth.

Every student counts.

Young people are born with creativity and passion to lead. BRIDGES has worked with thousands of students to unlock that potential and activate new generations of leaders across Memphis.

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