The Jim Boyd BRIDGES Center

BRIDGES has an incredible space dedicated to amplifying the voices of our youth. The Jim Boyd BRIDGES Center was built to help give young people the confidence and skills they need to take on life’s challenges create meaningful change. Completed in 2004, the Jim Boyd BRIDGES Center was the first green commercial building in Memphis.

The Jim Boyd BRIDGES Center's roofline was designed to be no taller than our neighbors'. This is a welcoming space, so there are no exterior dividers or barriers.
Floor-to-ceiling windows let in natural light and provide ventilation, while our air-handling system’s ultraviolet filters remove microorganisms and airborne contaminants. Eco-friendly, non-allergenic paint covers the entire building.
High Adventure Hall is developed for adolescent learning and features activities and tools that are key to brain development.
176 solar panels generate 32,560 watts of DC power. After converting DC to AC and eliminating heating wire losses, these solar panels can supply 30 kilowatts of AC electricity.
Recycled wallboard and concrete form the building's framework. Inside, cubicle walls and carpet are also made from recycled materials.

Youth, neighborhood, and Earth friendly.

To learn more about the inspiration for the center's design and functionality, watch this video which includes remarks from Former President and CEO Jim Boyd, renowned architect Coleman Coker, and Bridge Builders founder Rebecca Webb Wilson.

Every student counts.

Young people are born with creativity and passion to lead. BRIDGES has worked with thousands of students to unlock that potential and activate new generations of leaders across Memphis.

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