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BRIDGES Holds Session on Interacting With Police

MEMPHIS, TN ( Safely interacting with police was the topic of conversation for nearly 100 teens today. During this "Bridges USA" session, local teens had a direct conversation with police about how they should act during a traffic stop and what to do, if an encounter goes bad.   It was a lesson in breaking down stereotypes and misinformation between young people and police. The teens stayed at the University of Memphis campus and had sessions with Memphis Police... Read More
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Teens and Officers Talk Candidly to Bridge Gap

(Memphis -- WREG) Memphis officers and hundreds of young people put it all on the table hoping to end youth violence and prevent police brutality. “I seen what happened to Mike Brown and people like that, and I don’t want that to be me. I don’t want that to be nobody that I know,” Christopher said.  The 11th-grader grew up fearing the men and women wearing police badges. “That fear still instills within me, and I just can’t — I just been trying to learn how to cope with... Read More
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Spider-Turley Descends to Cut Ribbon For BRIDGES

(Memphis - On Monday afternoon, June 22, as the temperature pushed up past 90 degrees and dark clouds and warm winds promised a rain that would never come, a small group of dignitaries and stakeholders gathered at the corner of A.W. Willis Avenue and North Fourth Street for a ribbon cutting. The dedication of the new outdoor rock-climbing wall on the western face of the iconicBRIDGES building promised pomp and circumstance and maybe just a bit of peril. Not just... Read More
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Group Uses Charleston Tragedy to Improve Mid-South

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A group in Memphis is working to end violence by teaching leadership and diversity to teens. After nine people where shot and killed inside a Charleston, South Carolina church, Bridges decided to use the tragedy to do good.  Bridges is a group dedicated to helping young people become successful adults. The Bridge Builder Program is designed to bring together 7th and 8th grade students. No matter their race or socioeconomic background, students from more... Read More
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Youth Offer Suggestions for Juvenile Justice

(Memphis - Commercial Appeal) Participants in a youth-led conference on juvenile justice Saturday at LeMoyne-Owen College wrote down solutions for conflict in schools on yellow post-it notes. Among the suggestions was mental health support, counseling, therapy and peer mediation in schools.  One note contained a suggestion of a "peace pass" as "a way to exit a space when you feel like you are too angry to be there."  "Suspending them is not helping it, it's just making them more... Read More
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