BRIDGES programs - Changing Memphis one life at a time

Whether it's two young people from opposite ends of the city and socio-economic spectrum bonding in a Bridge Builders® exercise or on the Kickoff Classic football field; a person from Memphis learning that they have the power to be peace makers and stewards of the earth; a middle school student summoning the courage to lead or a group of co-workers learning new ways to be a team; or it's a high school dropout beaming as she holds her GED certificate or a single mother turning newly-learned skills into a job that pays a living any and all of these scenarios, there's a common thread: transformation.

Staff and volunteers at BRIDGES, working in a variety of program areas and using a variety of methods, are all focused on the same thing - helping to uncover the capacity to learn, the willingness to accept, the strength to change and the courage to lead. BRIDGES takes people who may think they are ordinary and shines a light on the parts of them that are extraordinary.